23 Meyer Road, San Rafael, CA

23 Meyer Architecture Plan


This new home at 23 Meyer is a multi-story design which is stepped into the hillside allowing for patios at grade off of the main living area and off one of the upper floor bedrooms.

The design employs a ‘hipped’ roof form with a low-to-moderate pitch (4”-in-12”) which flows with the natural slope of the site. A small gabled roof projection provides building articulation along the frontage and at the entry to the residence.

Exterior materials and colors include a stone veneer wainscot, a two-tone stucco finish base color, and composite asphalt roof shingles, all in a medium taupe - dark brown earthtone/woodtone color palette.  Window sills are accented with a medium red color for a bright touch. 


23Meyer Architect 1 

23Meyer Architect 2

23Meyer Architect 3


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